World Outreach

Michael Hutton-Wood Ministries (The HUTTON-WOOD WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRY), is the apostolic, missions, world outreach and evangelistic wing of House Of Judah (Praise) Ministries, with a mission to God’s end-time church and the nations of the earth.

This ministry was born out of a strong God-given mandate to reach, touch and impact the nations of the earth with the gospel of Christ and bring back divine order, discipline, integrity, Godly character, excellence and stability to God’s people and God’s House. It has a strong apostolic Mandate to set in order the things that are lacking in the church [The Body of Christ] – Titus 1:5.

Our Mission

Its mission is to save the lost at any cost, depopulate hell and populate heaven with souls that have experienced in full, the new birth, renewal of mind, to produce believers walking in the fullness of their Godly inheritance; divine health, prosperity and authority to take their homes, communities, cities and nations for Christ and occupy till Christ returns. It is to raise a people without spot or wrinkle or blemish, to set in order the things that are out of order.

Our Ministries

Some of our outreach ministries include: World Media Ministries (TV, Radio Internet), Evangelism (Street, Hospital Visitation, Crusades) Restoration Ministry for Divorced, Separated). Missions and building for the homeless (International) Judah Cares Food and Clothing Bank and Sponsor a Child, The Generational Leadership Training Institute) has a mandate to transform followers into generational builders and leaders to impact nations.

We are believing God for 10,000 partners to partner with this vision prayerfully and financially. If you would like to join the faithful brethren and partners of this great ministry by becoming a regular partner, please complete the Partners Registration Form. Alternatively,  you can also make a one-off donation by following the link: Donate or you can donate by post by calling 020 8689 6010 and requesting our information pack.  Simply complete the forms and return it in the envelope provided to:

Covenant Partners, Michael Hutton-Wood Ministries (Hutton-Wood World Outreach, P.O. Box 1226, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 6DG, United Kingdom.)

Please make all cheques and postal orders payable to “Michael Hutton-Wood Ministries“.