I needed God to regularise my status in this country. I went to the Covenant Day of Trumpets service, thanking God for an answer and believing it was done, that very week I received my indefinite stay. Praise be to the Lord!
G, Southwark

My son and I have been waiting for ten years for our indefinite stay in the country. But with the support and prayer of the Bishop and Resident Pastor, I have received my indefinite stay and so has my son. Praise the Lord!
D R, Croydon

My chosen career is to be an Architect. It is a specialised field and very difficult to get into. I applied for a job with a prestigious firm, however at the interview I was turned down. I went to the Covenant Day of trumpet service, and praised God and thanked Him because I knew even though they turned me down; He had something good for me. The following weekend they called me and offered me that same position I was refused.
D, Croydon

My husband left me with nothing; my daughter and I were in desperate need. But since I came to the House of Judah, God has blessed me immensely. People have come and given me food and clothes for me and my daughter. After the Covenant Day of trumpet I received a job that pays enough to support me and my daughter and I also received my British Passport. To God be the glory!
M, Croydon

After a teaching from my Bishop on “How to make profit from things that annoy us”, I was amazed when I returned to college the following week only to find my teacher lecturing on the same topic. I am convinced that God is taking us places through my Bishop. Amen!
C, Thornton Heath

After the Covenant Day of Completion, debts owed to the utility board which included £23.29 to British Gas and £385.84 to EDF were all cancelled and refunded back to me. Glory to God!
U, Croydon

As I purposed in my heart to be a part taker in the 365/360 degrees turn around, God has also shown His faithfulness to me my relishing my pocket with every one pound that goes into the jar every day. To have a pound every day knowing my situation is a testimony.
C, Thornton Heath

I was concerned about paying my college fees which amounts to over a thousand pound. But God is able; my college has reduced my course fees from over a thousand to only £250 through no actions of my own. I believe this is a favour from above. Praise the Lord!
A, Croydon

I believed God on a word He gave me through my Bishop that when I needed it, it will be there. Just a week later I had a refund of £450 from the HM Revenue and Custom and in two days time I received another £480. For me this is evidence that if you believe it, you will see. Praise His word!
L, Croydon

I thank my Bishop for inviting me to his church. After each service I experience the greatest joy which is unexplainable. I have been grieving badly since I lost my father over a year ago, I have been searching for something to fill this emptiness but I thank God that he directed my steps to The House of Judah. I feel at home and ready to embrace the greatness God has marked for me in this house.
M, Croydon

After the Covenant Day of Completion, one of my requests on the back of the envelope was to have my debts cleared. I can proclaim today this has come to pass and all my debts have been cleared. I stand today as a debt free person. Amen!
D, Croydon

God Bless my Bishop. Yesterday was profound. I have been offered a promotion! Why? Favour. The sacrifice for Sunday is already speaking. Bishop, I did not have the money to give, but I believed it’s time for reckless faith. I believe that as we have been stupid and reckless in our faith, God would also be stupid and reckless with His blessing. This morning I read that the priests had to keep the fire burning on the alter through daily sacrifice. I believe the reason why the church has been on fire is because of the daily offering. Be blessed today. Amen!
M, South Croydon

My Bishop is truly a man of God. In this month of favour, I have noticed that people are more receptive towards me than ever before. May God continue to bless my Bishop. Amen!!!

After a powerful Friday night warfare prayers with my Bishop and the prayer warriors, my brother who was scheduled to have a major operation which could result in him becoming impotent was cancelled. This is God at work!!!. Praise the Lord!
P, Croydon

Last year I suffered a minor setback in my education, I confided in my mum and she encouraged me with the word. I then made I vow to spend an hour with God everyday in order for him to give me the knowledge I need to excel. In September, I started revision for my exams and everything went so smoothly. Months later my result came and God has raised my grades and by his grace I will be studying architecture in the next academic year. Praise God!
D, Thornton Heath

January, in the month of Vengeance, I prayed for all the plagues in my life to be lifted and for God to avenge me speedily. Half way through February the month of the oil of favour, I can testify that God has come through and shown himself strong in my life. God went beyond and above and also provided the funds for my daughter’s education speedily.
E, Thornton Heath

After my divorce went through, my ex-husband vowed never to support me or our children in any way. Times were extremely difficult for my kids and I. After joining House of Judah, I began to experience improvement in all areas of my life. I spoke to my Bishop and resident pastor about my situation they both touched and agreed with me that all money that is owned to me will come forth speedily. A few days later I received double for my trouble. In addition to finances coming forth, my children have received good reports on their behaviour at school.
P, Croydon

I have believed God for years for my immigration status. After joining House of Judah, received teachings on what faith is and how to activate it, knowing that praise is the highest form of prayer, I also endeavoured to be present whenever we had our covenant day of trumpet. After the 1st of February’s covenant day of trumpet, I was at work when my aunty called and informed me that my immigration status has arrived that morning in the post. What a mighty God we serve!!! Hallelujah!
V, Croydon

This year has been a true blessing; firstly, I’m engaged to be married. Secondly my daughter has been excelling in her class after her teachers gave her a hard time the whole of last year. People stop me to compliment on the godly nature in which my child has been brought up.
Y, Lewisham

My walk with Christ is a short one but I can already confess that he is faithful. When I became born-again, I received a lot of spiritual attacks which left scratches and marks on my body. Through prayers, God has shown that he has the final say in all things. Praise His Holy name!!!!!
T, Croydon

There were things which I believed God for. As my Bishop always says whatever you shall desire, you can have it. After sowing a sacrificial seed, within three days, things started to fall into place and I received a thousand fold on my seed.
G, Croydon

I want to give God thanks as my whole life is a testimony. I have been in House of Judah for a year and during this year I have been tremendously blessed. The debt on my car has been cleared through seed sowing. In addition, I had a monogram test which showed a huge lump in my breast. I confided in my Bishop who touched and agreed with me on my healing after which I sow a seed. The next test showed that this lump has totally disappeared; the doctors couldn’t believe and carried out further tests but still couldn’t find anything. Praise the Lord!
Y, Croydon

Two years ago, I took a huge decision to leave the job I was doing in order to go back to college and look for another job. For that length of time, I was job searching without success. Two week ago my friend saw a job advertised at the job centre and encouraged me to apply for it. I applied and was invited for an interview. Without any experience I went to the interview, using knowledge and teaching gained from my Bishop and resident Pastor, I got the job, Praise God!
C, Thornton Heath

God has done it again, after keeping me safe and looking over my every step, I have received a tax rebate of £955.10 after my Bishop gave me a seed of £200 which was meant for my car repairs.
I woke up at 2 am one morning and I couldn’t sleep. I remembered my Bishop’s words that we should use our awakened time wisely. One of my desires was to find the energy and motivation to read journal in order to advance my career. I didn’t have any journals but I had my bishop’s notes on previous teachings, so I began to read and made further notes. This encouraged me to pick up my books, which fed my knowledge and faith even more. My Bishop has inspired me so much and has reactivated my faith. I thank God for his life.

N, Croydon

My wife was 11 years when she was brought to this country from Jamaica. At sixteen she was asked to sign some documents, unknowingly she signed her life away. Years later, my wife received a letter asking her and our five children to leave this country. I prophesied for some money which I received and paid the solicitor’s fees with. On my way to church one day I received an instruction from God to stop my car and take out my passport, as I did that I heard “what’s in your passport will surely be in your wife’s passport too”. As a result, I was encouraged to sow an extra seed during that Sunday service. Days later, I received a call from the solicitors apologising on the behalf of the home office and confirmed that my wife and all the children’s status has been granted. Praise the Lord!
M, Croydon

I had a test to complete but kept putting it off as I did not feel ready enough. After eventually gathering courage to book the test, I called my Bishop to touch and agree with me that I will surely pass. On the day of the exams, though none of the topics I studied for came up, I passed. To God be the glory!
M, Croydon

Glory to God on high. Last Sunday I was very much in need of money to settle some financial issue. I called my cousin in Nigeria to ask for help as he is well off financially. He offered to help but stressed that he can only afford to spare a little change. On Sunday when my Bishop spoke about sending your tithe on an errand, I paid my tithe then vowed that should my cousin give me a reasonable amount, I will pay ten percent of the money to the church. The first call I received on Monday was from my cousin confirming that he had deposited a sum of £1,500 into my account. Praise God!
L, Croydon

At my workplace I had two elderly couples in my care who both died a year ago. I got to work this week and I was asked by the management team to sign some papers, only to discover that the content was a £40 Marks and Spencer voucher. This was very astonishing to me as the couple died over a year ago and this was after the 52 days completion seed. I believe the Lord has done this!
M, Croydon

During this month of when I see the blood. I have been praying daily and applying the blood over my life. I was involved in a car accident a few days ago. Although I suffered a whiplash; I am alive to tell the tale. Praise GOD!
N, Thornton Heath

The Sunday service on faith came at a time when I needed it the most. I know this year will be like no other. God is delivering His heartbeat through my Bishop and I thank God for the life of my Bishop.
E, Norwood

Hearing my Bishop’s message this afternoon was very uplifting and brought a smile to my face. I thank God for my Bishop’s calling and I appreciate him very much. May God richly bless my Bishop and do for him what no man can do.
C, Addington

I will recommend the TV program to all believers. I particularly enjoyed the teaching on “obeying divine instruction”, that was powerful.

Whilst reading the book of James today, I was enlightened about the blessing upon my Bishop. Reading from verse 1 to 4 made to me see how wonderful my Bishop is because those verses teaches on how trials, difficulties and problems are actually God’s way of preparing us for our destiny which is why many problems were faced by the church during its early stages. Without those trials this ministry will not have been firm and ready for its God appointed purpose. I say this without a doubt as I have been fed spiritually since I joined this church. May God bless my Bishop and his entire family for the wonderful work they are doing in the house of the Lord!
B, Croydon

Something great happened to me last night and I just need to share it. Last night, I felt a sickening feeling in my spirit. Unsure as to why, I began to pray in tongues on and off until my normal praise and prayer hour. Whilst praying the thought of my son sprang in my head. My son was missing from home, though he kept in regular contact. I tried to contact him that night but couldn’t get any response. That morning, my son got in touch and told me how he was attacked by armed men that night. In an area he did not know, he found shelter. My son is at home now, shaken but unharmed. What a mighty God we serve!!!

Last week after coming back from our Wednesday teaching I received a surprise letter in my mail cancelling a financial debt of about £2,000 which would have taken approximately three years to clear. God raised an insurance company to clear this debt and all the monies I had previously paid were fully refunded to me. As this was during the month of “The oil of favour”, I thank God that I received favour before Him. Praise God!
G, South Norwood

When we came to church on the 6 September 2006, I asked Bishop to pray for my sister Patricia as she was behaving abnormally that morning. Before we came to church, she could not find her way to the bathroom; I had to iron her clothes and dress her as she could not do so by herself.
We took part in the Holy Communion that day; before the communion, Bishop prayed and said that if there was anybody among us who was at death’s door or going to be seriously ill, God should deliver that person.
After the service I made a prayer request on her behalf. The Bishop and Elders quickly rallied round and prayed on her behalf and annointed her with the Healing oil. On the way home, I noticed that she was finding it difficult to walk but I thought she was tired unbeknown to me; her brain was haemorraging.
On Tuesday morning I prepared breakfast for her but instead of using her hands to it, she started using her mouth. I became a bit alarmed and called an ambulance to take her to Mayday hospital. On arrival the doctors carried out a series of tests on her but could not find anything wrong with her. They decided to admit her for observation. As they were wheeling into the ward she died in front of the Resuscitating Ward. She was rushed into the Resusitating Ward and it took the medical team three and half hours to get her pulse and put her on a life support machine. Her pressure went up to 300. I was advised by the medical team that she was not going to survive and that I should take her clothes home but I replied that the God that I serve will revive her. This warning continued for 3 days whilst she was on the Life Support machine and I kept answering in the Affirmative that God will revive her. I called my family in Ghana and America and friends all over the world to support us in our prayers.
I made a vow to God that if my sister recovers from her illness, I will never stop worshiping him till I depart from this earth and he has answered my prayers.
On the afternoon of the 3rd day she opened her eyes and in the evening of the same day, she was transferred into the Acute Stroke unit. The medical team was amazed at her speedy recovery because on the 4th day she started talking and on the 5th day she started walking; contrary to the advice that she would become a vegetable. The medical team asked me on several occasions whether we were Christians. I always answered in the affirmative and God has not let me down.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for his kindness towards my family and myself. I would also like to thank Bishop, The Senior Minister (Mrs Hutton-Wood) and the elders for their continued support in prayers and visits to the hospital to pray for my sister.
God Bless you all.

Bishop Hutton-Wood preached on divine favour at our lunch hour in Entebbe just one afternoon and said favour qualifies you for what in the natural you don‘t qualify for. As soon as I walked out of the service, someone blessed me with a car. This word works believe in the man of God and you will prosper.
Pastor in Madu

I sowed a seed after Bishop Hutton-Wood came to preach on financial prosperity in September last year. and gave God a specific request and my 5000 Euros credit card debt was wiped out due to seed sowing. I am sowing more for the projects ahead and I know that same God who worked through the man of God will come through for me.
Pastor Chris (from Amsterdam Conference)

We were in debt and the bills had piled up. Our landlord came to us because we were in arrears and told us we will have to leave. A few days later he came back and offered as a bigger room on the top floor irrespective of the debt we owed him and as if that was not enough we received a £2500 cheque payment into our bank account and it was confirmed it was ours. Guess what! All our bills are paid now. Praise God!

I had this dream and in this dream, I was being arrested; just then, my Bishop showed up and I was released.

I had this dream of being choked and something in my throat. Just then Bishop showed up on my left and I arose from bed sweating, the bed all wet in this cold weather and there was something really in my throat. Let’s hold our Bishop and Resident Pastor in high esteem and pray for them daily (2 Chronicles 20:20).

Bishop Hutton-Wood came to minister in Ntinda this year and preached on the subject ‘This too shall pass.‘ Our choir had the privilege of going to minister in a crusade he was preaching and after we sang he called me out and asked what I do. I explained that I’m in secondary school but have been at home for the past three months due to lack of fees even though my father is a part-time civil engineer. After he had consulted with the team, he decided his outreach ministry will sponsor my education. The following day they donated the school fees, tuition fees and all I need to get back to a better secondary school. I have now gone back to school. Indeed it’s good to use your gift in God’s house – that was how I was noticed and favour has worked for me. To all the members of HOUSE OF JUDAH and all the prayer and financial partners of Bishop‘s outreach ministry, God bless you and thank you so much.

Pray that all is well with you and your family. It was indeed a pleasure to host you during your stay. The blessing you are to the body of Christ is a wonder to us all. We so look forward to seeing you again and are already planning for your coming next year. I thank you for pouring all the anointing that you did and look forward to hear from you soon. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you. It would indeed be an honour to serve you.
BH (email from USA)

Our Bishop has always encouraged us to be faithful with our tithes and offerings. I just moved into a new home and needed furniture badly. I was about to use my tithe to buy the furniture but, got convicted and so paid the tithe I had. That very Monday after that Sunday, my landlady called me early in the morning and told me she was on her way to buy me a set of furniture. I have it now! Just Prove Him!

I just inaugurated my new book and was supposed to inaugurate two books but for financial reasons I launched only one. After the launching, a gentleman asked me how much it will cost to launch the second book. When I told him, he wrote a cheque of £1000.00 on the spot to cover half the cost. Believe the man of God and you shall prosper – 2 Chronicles 20:20.

PRAISE GOD BISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful morning to behold in my Abba! Yesterday and Sunday were awesome! My new car arrived at Church on Sunday and yes it is gloriously beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! It is a 2006 Acura RL and not a Lexus. I chose the Acura over the Lexus because of performance, engineering and Luxury. WOW what a car this is. It has voice commanded everything in the cabin, my hands never have to leave the wheel for anything all I have to do is speak it and the car does it… It is also equipped with SH AWD (super handling all wheel drive), and the latest in engineering in the industry! Thank you so very much for your words last year and we are looking to hear from you upon arrival in July. Love you and tell your beautiful wife and family hello from all of us.
From USA

I sowed my first fruit and God delivered from calamity, shame, reproach and disgrace. He also gave me a better job and above all God has blessed me with a marriage partner whom I love and who loves me to bits and we are in counselling now. REMEMBER: A seed will meet any need seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

My supervisor decided to sack me from my job and ended up being fired and I was given a pay rise.

I had a lot of pain in my ears and was told by the doctors that I would need an operation; after the word and prayer which I mixed with faith I returned to the hospital to be told there was no need for the operation. I was healed.

I went for an interview for a lesser paid job and ended up being employed for a better job with a five figure salary.

Our Pastor taught on Divine secrets and when I received that word that very week I received information that will enable me do some thing that I thought I could never do for my family. Praise God!

We thank God for our new baby boy and for safe delivery.

I was down to my last £20.00 and deciced to sow it in obedience to God’s word from the lips of the man of God. Just last week my sister-in-law returned from America with a whole bag full of baby clothes and gave them to us for our baby who is due in January. when we give into fertile ground, we receive a bountiful harvest.

I just received my immigration status. God is good.

I was vomitting blood and got prayed for and received my healing completely.

Our Pastor received a prophetic word from the Lord that June is our month. my wife and I had been believing God for the ability to buy our council home for years and nothing was happening On the 30th of June this year we got a call from our bankers that everything had gone through and that the house we live in is now officially ours. Believe God and you will be established and believe in the your prophets and you shall prosper.


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