8-CD Box Set: Sat-Nav to Your Financial Destiny



Bishop Michael Hutton-Wood, founder and senior Pastor of House of Judah in Croydon, UK, and director of Leaders Factory International, is one of the endtime CARPENTERS (Zechariah 1:20-21) elected by God to disseminate truth by revealing the mysteries of financial prosperity.

In this series backed by unusual testimonies, he teaches that: There is a sure prescribed fail-proof covenant way to arrive at your wealthy place. It’s not those who shout or quote prosperity scriptures or preach prosperity who enjoy prosperity – rather, it is those who consistently practice the covenant requirements of prosperity who enjoy prosperity and enjoyable riches. PROSPERITY IS POSSIBLE IN THE MIDST OF SCARCITY AND IT IS POSSIBLE TO RIDE ABOVE EVERY ECONOMIC FLOOD WHILST OTHERS ARE BEING DROWNED BY IT. THE COVENANT OF PROSPERITY WILL PREVAIL IRRESPECTIVE OF THE ECONOMIC CLIMATE.

In this series, among many insights, you will discover how to engage wisdom through the ancient financial landmarks set by the fathers how to walk in DURABLE riches, HOW TO COMMAND PROSPERITY IN AUSTERITY, WHY GOD BLESSES, WHO GOD BLESSES, WHEN GOD BLESSES, WHERE GOD BLESSES, WHAT GOD BLESSES, HOW GOD BLESSES, what happens between seed time and harvest and the role of strategic positioning, the fear of God and love of God in walking in the blessing that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow, toil, sweat or struggle. THIS IS A MUST FOR YOUR LIFE AND LIBRARY!