6-CD Box Set: The Mystery of the Anointing Oil



THE MYSTERY OF THE ANOINTING OIL: The anointing oil is a mystery of the endtime, packaged by God for the endless victory of the saints. Though not a popular topic, we cannot overlook its validity, its unusual transforming and translating power backed by undisputable results and the role played by the anointing oil in our battle against the evil one and invisible forces of wickedness. God introduced this mystery to Moses in Exodus 30:23-31 where it has its roots and this divine instrument of power is still significant with current pragmatic effect today to see the finger of God move supernaturally in the affairs of men.

In this insightful series, you will discover that the ANOINTING OIL is no ritual or magic; neither is it just a chemical product or mere oil but rather: – a vital tool in our fight against wickedness and cruelty (Genesis 49:5; Psalm 74:20) – Has been given to us by God for this purpose – Produces divine health and offers safety, defence and protection from the wicked one which money cannot buy – Is the Spirit of God packaged in a bottle designed to communicate the power of God bodily – Is the power of God in your hand in the person of the Holy Spirit and much more. LIGHT HAS FINALLY COME! ENGAGE THIS MYSTERIOUS WEAPON NOW!!!!