6-CD Box Set: Developing Intimacy With God



Through Pastor Michael’s humorous but straightforward way of preaching and teaching God’s infallible word, backed by his own testimonies and lifestyle, many word-seekers and word-doers are being liberated from ignorance into a conscious, victorious walk of REVELATION KNOWLEDGE, INSIGHT, UNDERSTANING AND CORRECT APPLICATION OF GOD’S WORD. This series challenges you and gives you step by step instructions on why and how to develop and maintain deeper intimacy with God.
From this series you will discover the following:

You are as close to God as you choose to be
It is you who determines the level of intimacy with God that you enjoy and not God
You can’t believe God with your heart and doubt Him at the same time
You will also discover from the word ‘Fire for Fire’ what made the three Hebrew boys so confident, bold, daring and unafraid of Nebuchadnezzar’s threats.
The Four levels of intimacy with God
Why you should not and How not to stand on the sidelines when God is on the move in this coming new season ARISE AND SHINE FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME!