New Release by Bishop Dr Michael Hutton-Wood

At the root of everything outstanding is understanding!
Ignorance is a killer and is the most affordable commodity in the Market (Hosea 4:6).
IGNORANCE IS THE DEADLIEST KILLER ON THIS EARTH, not the AIDS virus. That’s why the Psalmist prayed in Psalm 119:144; ‘Give me understanding that I might live.’

ALTARS ARE PLACES OF DIVINE ENCOUNTERS, WHERE DESTINIES ARE DECIDED, HUMANITY MEETS DIVINITY, BARRENNESS IS TERMINATED, NATIONAL PLAGUES ARE AVERTED AND WHERE WE GIVE TO PROVOKE GOD’S HAND. HOWEVER, WHAT TRIGGERS ALTARS ARE SACRIFICES, SERVICE, TITHES, OFFERINGS, PRAISE, PRAYER. Without Sacrifices, the altar remains dormant and inactive. It is sacrifices, tithes and offerings that bring life to altars. It is your offerings and sacrifices that activate your altar and fire from heaven and Fire only comes down in response to sacrifices on altars. There is no way you can expect certain fires from heaven until you’ve activated your altars through sacrifices, tithes and offerings.

Sacrifices are:
I. The key to the Supernatural Anointing.
II. The key to Power
III. The key to Divine Wisdom
IV. The key to God’s Presence
V. The key to Divine Prosperity and Wealth
VI. The key to manifestation of signs, wonders and power
VII. The key to Dramatic Turnarounds
VIII. The key to Restoration and Restitution