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2021 - Our Decade of Jubilee and our Year of Double! Double!

Our mission is to save the lost at any cost, depopulate hell and populate heaven with souls that have experienced in full, the new birth, renewal of mind, to produce believers walking in the fullness of their Godly inheritance; divine health, prosperity and authority to take their homes, communities, cities and nations for Christ and occupy till Christ returns. To raise a people without spot or wrinkle or blemish; to set in order the things that are out of order.
House of Judah is a non-denominational, multicultural church based in Croydon, Surrey. The ministry is led by Bishop Michael and Pastor Bernice Hutton-Wood and has a membership of over 200 souls with more being added each week. God’s Word is preached and taught with power, boldness, accuracy and simplicity resulting in genuine commitments for Christ and progressive change. Come and see what God is doing through this ministry and receive your testimony!

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We invite you to worship with us online every Sunday and Friday in the comfort of our homes on Facebook live. WHAT TO DO:  Log on to Facebook: www.facebook.com/hojcitychurch and Select House of Judah city church. We will keep you updated via our Social Media, WhatsApp platforms and our website www.houseofjudah.org.uk.  Follow the directions in […]