Did you know that: You are the prophet of
your own destiny? You decide what becomes
of your destiny based on your choices,
decisions, personal and mind investments,
work ethics, skills and character. All you need
do is to take a look at the choices you make
daily because the secret of your future is
hidden in your daily routine. Your every choice
is leading your life in a particular destination!
Your choices determine your destiny!
Success consists of little daily efforts and
failure consists of little daily neglects!! Right
Choices Lead To Good Decisions And Wrong
Choices Lead To Bad Decisions. Therefore,
decide to make the right choice today. Don’t
just count the hours but make every hour
count. Every time-waster is a potential failure
or a hard toiling worker in old age! Your future
depends on many things but mostly on you.
So invest your time wisely!
Robert Schuller said: ‘There will never be
another now, so make the best use of today.’
There will never be another you, so make
the best of your life! Your life is a reflection
of your actions and life will always give back
whatever you give it! If you keep doing what
you have always done in the past, you will still
get what you had always gotten. That’s why
Albert Einstein defined Insanity as: ‘Doing the
same thing over and over again and expecting
different results.’