Understanding the Purpose and Meaning of Leadership

“Leadership is not wielding authority – it’s empowering people.” – Becky Brodin


“Nothing is more important than leadership.” – George Barna

“If Life has no meaning, leadership has no mission i.e. Leadership exists to give meaning to life.” – King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 1:1-13)

“The illiterates of the twenty first century are not those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn.” – Alvin Toffler

  • True leadership brings followers into leadership and makes itself increasingly unnecessary. So, you are a successful leader when your followers can lead others. Success without a successor is failure.
  • True leadership provides opportunity for others to find and fulfill their God-given purpose.
  • The purpose for leadership is not the maintenance of followers but the production of leaders.
  • The greatest display of leadership is service.
  • Leadership is born out of character and determination.
  • A leader is simply a person who has a sphere of influence.
  • Good leadership is born out of, is carried on excellently and is executed from good follower-ship. One is not qualified to give orders until he can receive them.
  • Leadership only exercises authority as they operate under equal and higher authority. You cannot exercise authority until you are under authority.
  • Leadership is not a right, it’s an art; and being an art, it represents a discipline that only answers to development.
  • Every time God desires to do something great, He does not call the masses. No! He calls a leader to step forward and he trains them to function. e.g. Restoration of world – Adam; Noah – new breed of people; New nation – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; Deliverance of Israel from captivity – Moses; Crossing over to promised land – Joshua; Jesus, Paul, Peter, Timothy Titus, etc.
  • God never forces His leadership on anyone.
  • If you want to learn on leadership go to the best book on leadership ever written – the Bible – it has the potential to change your life and the course of your development as a spiritual leader or any leader in the secular world. Like the title of John Maxwell‘s book – ‘there is no such thing as business ethics, ethics are ethics.’ It all came from this book.
  • Who could possibly teach us more about leadership than God Himself.
  • Churches and nations can die due to a lack of strong leadership.
  • The leadership of any group or organization will determine its success or failure in other words – its future.
  • The crying need of the world and of the church today is developed, exemplary, sound and moral generational leadership.

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