The Definition of Leadership

The word Leader obviously comes from the word Lead. This means to guide, to show the way, to go ahead of, to walk in front of, to chart a course etc. There are two constants to leadership, a leading unit and a following unit. The two go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. John Maxwell said “He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk”.

– The fundamental principle of leadership is the ability of moving people from one location to another with positive results. The following are some of the definitions for leadership in any sphere, politics, military, business, society, sports, family, ministry, church or community.

i. The ability to MOVE people forward toward their Destiny and full Potential.
ii. The endowment to motivate others from a position of inertia into positive productive activity.
iii. An inner victory and determination towards one’s full potential that attracts or motivates others.
iv. Charting a course or vision that ignites/impassions people into action.

Note the example of David in 1 Samuel 17:51-52
i. One man’s actions inspires others to victory
ii. David led men who were older, stronger and more experienced than him into battle against the Philistines.
iii. Age, colour, class or education is not the criteria for leadership in the economy of God’s Kingdom.

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